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Summary: You get paid when someone signs up for free stuff offers, such as contests, e-mail newsletters, or free membership of a site. You are able to select from a pool of offers, and choose the ones that will best suit your site. They offer you several various ways to link to these offers such as through banner, button, and text links. These offers are great if you run your own newsletter list. The only thing you have to be careful to do is take down offers when they expire because you don't get paid when someone signs up for expired campaings.

FineClicks' also gives you the option of offering you the opportunity to promote all your offers together at FineFreebies.com. Another way promote FineClicks' offers is by getting users to sign up for their newsletter which will contain your referral link when sent out. FineClicks has alot of lower paying offers, but they have high conversion ratios, which means more money for you, the webmaster!

Selectivity: Accepts almost all sites.
Requirements: Click Here.
Payment: $25 payout minumum and checks are sent out 30 days after the end of each month.

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